Lost in group chat at work again?

Tl;dr. Tilda is a Slack plugin that helps teams tame the chaos of group chat through collaborative tagging and summarization.


Install Tilda

What is Tilda?

Tilda is a research project exploring how to
improve collaboration over group chat.

This instance of Tilda is hosted by MIT, based on an open source project from Microsoft.
To host your own Tilda instance or to contribute, visit the project Github.
Or read our tutorial about how Tilda works.


Slack Add-on

Add Tilda to your Slack to enable new markup and summarization features.


Collaborative Tagging

Use our easy to use emoji markup commands to collaboratively tag your chats.


Chat Summaries

Read easily skimmable summaries to catch up on group chats that you missed.

How do I install Tilda?

Tilda is a Slack add-on.
below to add Tilda to your Slack.

You must be an admin of your Slack group.

Add to Slack


After you successfully add Tilda to your Slack, we'll walk you through how to configure Tilda with our custom emoji reaction tags.


Best Paper Award at CSCW 2018!

Read more about our design and evaluation of Tilda
in our award winning CSCW paper.

Read Our Research Paper

We show how teams that use Tilda are better at taking notes while participating in the conversation, and they have an easier time catching up on group chats they missed.

Who Are We?

Tilda is maintained and hosted by Amy Zhang at MIT, based on open source software
from Microsoft by Amy Zhang and Justin Cranshaw.

Checkout Our Github Page

Amy Zhang

Ph.D. Student, MIT, CSAIL

Justin Cranshaw

Researcher, Microsoft Research